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Wire Less Charging

Wire Less Charging  How does it works  ? ? ?

What does it mean ? ? ?
A wireless charger is a device that transmits electric energy through magnetic (radio) waves. The method of wireless charging used for smartphones is called inductive charging.This method of wireless charging harnesses the ability of using an electromagnetic field to transfer energy over a short distance via a transmitter (charger) and receiver (phone).

Basic Principle  ? ? ?

The basic principle behind the function of the device is simple :: electrons traveling through electric wires or other conducting objects generate magnetic forces perpendicular to the flow of electric power and any magnetic field perpendicular to the wire generates electric energy in the wire. By twisting a wire into a coil, the magnetic field is then concentrated and focused, thus forming an inductive coil (a different name for electromagnet). by placing two of these coils next to each other, alternating current electric power is transferred from one coil to the other. Another place where this phenomenon is found is in the antennae when electric signal is transferred from one antenna to the other one (or more). The distance and efficiency of energy transfer depends on the shape of the antenna and wavelength (frequency) used. This technology is used in TV and radio broadcast, cellphones, wi-fi, power transformers (big ones supplying power to homes and small ones in power bricks) etc.

Are they Popular ? ? ? 
They are not much popular as because no standers for this has been set.As a result all wireless charging devices, such as the aforementioned Touchstone, had to be created with proprietary devices and accessories. 

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