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Remote Hacking

Remote Hacking - It's 100% working.
It's one of the best method for spying somebody PC.Just know the every log of that person get every password and screen shots and every keystroke.

You will need Two Software
1. Ardamax key logger  - Click here to Download
2. A Crypter Software

First of all install Ardamax key logger and from taskbar right click on its icon
and click on Remote Installation

Now click Next

Click next

Click next

Click next

Now set the time for sending log to you and Delivery method .Here i am setting it as E-mail because it is the simplest one.

Enter E-mail id in which you want logs,screenshots etc. and click Test for verifying whether it is working or not and check your Inbox.

Now browse for .exe file which you want to send Victim for click and you can also change icon.

Now you will find a file which you saved now . Send it to Victim .
Whenever victim will click on the .exe file than from that time every keystrokes and screen shots will be send to your e-mail id.
Don't forgot to crypt that .exe file otherwise Antivirus will detect it. Crypting the .exe file is necessary to bypass the antivirus.otherwise Victims antivirus will detect it.
If Any problem occurred Mail us

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