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Write For Us @ Digital Solutions

Write For Us @ Digital Solutions 
Digital Solution was founded in mid of 2011 and since then, we are posting awesome post here.Some of you guys wanted to become our guest author here  @ Digital Solutions(Know Digitally) , so i believe i should have a 'Write for Us' page now.

What Can You Write @ Digital Solutions ?
We basically share windows tips, social media news and tricks, latest fact, search engine tips,something informative for our readers etc. So any thing around these topics would be a pleasure for me to publish it here with our fellow readers.

Will Your Post Will Accepted ?
Why not. If you have some valuable for our readers than it will accepted.

What Will You Get In Return Of Your Guest Post?

Author Bio: You would be awarded with a separate 'Author Box' below each of your Guest Post, that would have a short description about you, you social connections and your little cute profile picture. The box looks amazing!
It looks like this

How Can You Submit The Guest Post?

Its simple. Just send me an email ( and mention what topic you wish to write upon.

So hope you Will be our guest blogger ! ! !

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