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How Facebook Makes Money ? ? ?

How Facebook Makes Money ? ? ?

Being a 750 million active user company , having offices in 13 different countries and over $2 billion in annual revenue.Facebook is now the world's biggest social networking website.
But how facebook makes money although most of all its social networking platforms are free. Many people wonder how facebook makes money.
Though facebook makes money through advertisements,facebook games.But then also how facebook turned into world's biggest company.

Facebook Ads
Most of its money that facebook makes is from its Advertisements that are placed on websites right border.Facebook CRT(Click through Rate) is less than other websites on the internet.Only 400 users clicking an Ad for every 1,000,000 times the Ad is seen.While Facebook does not command other websites’ high CTRs, it provides a platform in which ads are seen millions of times per day, allowing those companies to run a successful ad campaign.

Facebook Games
On the other side a large portion of money that Facebook makes is from its online games.With games like Mafia Wars, Farmville, and Empires & Allies, which have millions of monthly users, Zynga is able to exchange in-game money and items for real money with a fraction of those users. Whenever Zynga does so, Facebook takes a percentage of the profits for itself. Additionally, by hosting its games on Facebook, Zynga receives a large number of visitors to their own website, which Facebook charges them for.

Facebook Gifts
Like facebook games , Facebook also provides a service called “Gifts” that allows users to 
send each other virtual balloons, gift baskets, stuffed animals, and more. While Facebook provides users with a large variety of gifts to choose from that are completely free, they also offer a number of special gifts that must be purchased with real money.

Facebook Cash Cards
To facilitate the exchange of real money for Facebook gifts, games, and other virtual possessions, Facebook now offers a card that users can purchase in many popular stores such as Walmart, Walgreens, and Target that represents a certain amount of Facebook money. Facebook Cash cards are available in $10, $25, and $50 increments.


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