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Anna Hazare Game

Play Anna Hazare Game

The goal of this game is to help Anna acquire the Lokpal Bill – but before which you have to get pass following Politicians who are creating hurdles for you.
Anna Hazare Game Play The Anna Hazare Game, get Jan Lokpal Bill [Weekend Fun]
How to Play:
  1. Use the arrow keys to navigate past the moving Politicians
  2. Gather support by moving Anna past his supporters.
  3. Once you have gathered 12 supporters, Lokpal Bill will appear.
  4. Capture that and you will helped Anna to acquire the mission !
  5. Will 10 Sec till full page loads 

Go Head – Take a shot at the game !

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It would be fun to know how many of you really captured the Lokpal Bill – It took me about 20 tries before I could get it… How about you! Its really not as easy as it looks
                                                                                                                                             Source  ::TI

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